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​Sicilian chicken

​grilled chicken fillet with mozzarella and Italian prosciutto

​Salmon teriyaki

​grilled salmon, rice, sauteed vegetables, teriyaki sauce

​Known tastes, new form - Beetroot tatar 

​olives, cheese mouse, aromatic oil

​"R" steak in the parmesan crust 

​beefsteak in the parmesan crust with aromatic mashed potatoes

​always fresh, never frozen

​We at R Club restaurant are very serious about the food we serve our guests.
Each dish represents perfection in itself through the selection of always the highest quality foods,
methods of preparation, serving, and even the ambiance itself.

The meat we use is always fresh, never frozen.
We use extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients marked in the menu with an asterisk (*) are frozen.

The person responsible for the quality of the food we serve.

Mikica Rupnik 

"R" team

​"We live the food we prepare and serve. This is the only way we can guarantee a superb experience and taste in the food you can try in the R club restaurant.

There is no compromise here when it comes to the food that comes out of our kitchen. Each dish represents the perfection of its kind and we are proud of that."



​Reserve your seat

​ The story behind the R Club restaurant represents our attitude towards food that we pass on to you who recognize the difference.

 We are here to host and serve you, and it is up to you to reserve your place.